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Pashupatinath DarshanPashupatinath Darshan

Pashupatinath literally "Lord of Animals" & has considered the patron deity of Nepal. Pashupatinath is regarded as one of the holiest sites for Hindus all over the world. 

Pashupatinath temple is a pagoda style two-tiered golden roof with exquisitely carved four silver doors containing in its sanctum a phallic idol with four faces facing each directions & the fifth one is looking up towards the Zenith. Lichhavi King Supushpa Verma according to an ancient Chronicle constructed a temple dedicated to Shiva at the present site. However, the present temple has claimed to be build by King Bhupatindra Malla in 1697 AD. Legend has it that a cow would frequently escape from its herds & offer milk on a Jyotirlingha (Phallic symbol of Shiva) which denotes the point where the temple stands today. It is said that a certain cowherd much to his surprise found the self-generated Jyotirlingha when he dug the spot where the cow would give milk. The spot immediately became the center of worship that has been continuing until today.

Legend also mentions that the Pandavas after the great Mahabharat battle told that, only by sighting Shiva would have absolved of their sins & it was at this very spotted that they saw the Lord. Hence, this most sacred abode of Shiva, who is the God of the Gods- Mahabharat-Merits a visit by all Hindus, at least once in a lifetime, to be truly blessed & cleansed. it is believed that pilgrimage to the four Dhams like Dwarika, Kedar Rameshwar & Jagnath of India becomes meaningful only after a final Darshan of Pashupatinath & by a taking a holy dip in the Bagmati River & conducting a proper Puja & circling the 525 Shiva Lingas in the temple premises will free a person from the cycle of birth & re-births. There are temples of other Hindu deities in Pashupatinath premises. In the premises of the pashupati temples are Vishwo rup, Gorakhnath, Kirateshwor, Bahiravnath, Vasuki nag, Parbati temple, Ram mandir & dozens of temples dedicated to different gods & goddesses.

A considerable part of the temple vicinity has converted to rest & prayer areas. Behind the temple on the banks of bagmati is a crematorium for Hindus. It is the wish of every Hindu cremated on the bank of the Bagmati River in the neat temple. At the other end of the pashupatinath temple area is the temple of Guheshwori dedicated to Shiva's consort Parbati also known as Satidevi. There is also a deer park at the back of the temple across the Bagmati River. It is also interesting to watch the monkeys roam in & around the temple freely. One may also observe Sadhus smeared with ashes & dressed in loincloths & the Hindu Bramins offering Tika & blessing to the Visitors. Pashupatinath attracts thousands of pilgrims on spring festival Maha Shivaratri, the day dedicated to Shiva, Hari Talika/Teej, Janai Purnima & all Mondays of the month of Shrawan.

In October 1979, UNESCO declared Pashupatinath area as the world heritage site & Pashupati Area Development Trust is managing the temple. The temple activities could observe from the back of the temple.


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