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Swayambhunath Swayambhunath Tour

Located on a lovely little hillock Swayambhu Nath Stupa lies about 4km west of Kathmandu city centre.there are 360n steps leading all the way to the top commanading a magnificent view of kathmandu valley & the breath taking panaroma of the snow-clad Himalayan range. The tradition in the Stupa follows the Vajrayana form of Buddhism, which is a tantric variation of the Mahayana Buddhism (the great vehicle). The stupa seems to have founded during the Lichhavi period. Religious & literary sources give numerous accounts of the establishment & the patronage of the Swayambhunath premises. Some literary work credit the Lichhavi king Mandev to be the founder of Swayambhu Stupa. It is also interesting to note that the stupa went a series of renovation during the Malla period in the medieval times with donations made by merchants, monks, pilgrims & Buddhist followers.

As the ancient legend goes Kathmandu valley was a lake long time ago. Right in the center of this lake was a full-blown lotus with the divine light a top. When Maha Majushree a saint from china heard about this, he came all the way from china to the valley. He cut through the southern wall hill of the valley with his divine sword. The cleft made by the sword immediately drained the entire lake water making the valley floor ready for habitation. Hundreds of votive shrines & other historical monuments build up in & around this stupa speak a lot about the significance & antiquity of this famed stupa. 

The stupa of swayambhu stands on a typically stylized lotus with mandala base. The hemispherical part of the chaitya is made of brick & stone & on the top of the hemispherical part lays the hermika, which carries the eyes of vairochana watching in all the directions & believe to have painted in the Malla period. The stupa is also laden with the 13 gold plated spires, which symbolized the 13 stages to salvation. The spire has crowned by a golden umbrella supported by a pole from within the center. Devotees pour lime down the Chaitya to cure of family members.

The main attractions of swayambhu nath are:

  • Harati temple, Anantapura & Pratapaura, Bajra Dhatu Mandala, Forms of Buddhas & their consorts, Five Element's of Life.

Important day to visit Swayambhunath:

  • Buddha Purnima, the Birthday of Lord Buddha.
  • Gunla the holy Buddhist month according to Newari calendar
  • Kojagatra Purnima samyak day of the Magh (once in twelve years).
  • Loshar

Itinerary Outline:

1 to 2 Hours in a day.

Cost Include:

Entrance permits for sightseeing
City tour guide
Transportation For sightseeing
Break-fast & lunch
Staff insurance
Air port pick up & Drop
Hotel in Kathmandu

Cost Exclude:

Personal Expenses
All kinds of Drinks
Clients’ accident insurance
International air ticket
Staff Tips
Dinner in Kathmandu

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