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Simrik Real Nepal Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd, Is one of the renowned and popular Nepal tour operators, organize tours, trekking and expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.
Established in 2008, our professional trekking and mountain guides are at the top of their field with a decade of guiding and high altitude experience. Simrik Real Nepal installs new standards of services in the tour industry, have always been on the forefront of incorporating new ways to increase the comfort levels of its' guests and giving them the best deals in the cheapest rates for travel in Nepal...


Nepal Education Tours

The most popular trekking package in Nepal.

Study about discourse of ancient Nepal has proved its Richness in arts & literature although it is globally small piece of land in southern Asia. Ancient Nepal became pride of its arts & Nepali literature in this world. The divine powers of Hinduism literature became pollination into every micro substance of Nepal. The great epic of Hinduism (Nepali) literature was composed in the Nepal’s forests, Rivers, waterfalls, Rocks & cave. Currently caves in land of Nepal were supposed to be residency of Hindu Rishi-Maharshi, where they composed the great Hinduism (Nepali) literature, what is the proved by ancient records of old Nepali culture. 

Ancient Nepali culture literature prove that Nepal were the residency of Hindus gods & goddesses. The mythological ballad of ancient Nepali literature arena, different shaktipith became self appearance in the name of gods & goddess so Nepal became famous transit land of rising ancient literature field. Nepal could be the first choice for studying about Mahabharatian period   Literature of Hinduism. The names of Land Panch pandav inside Chitwan National park prove about sweet relationship between ancient Mahabharatian literature & Nepal.

Thinker about ideal state could make first choice traveling to Nepal in this world. Student could study about Buddha to quest peaceful, prospective, happiness, helpfulness, ideal state, etc. Buddha had left his ideological monuments in Nepal. If students want to know, how to hold elements for peaceful life & ideal state, make good decision travelling to Nepal that will be achievement of imaginative dream in life. Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal 625 BC. 

Topic about relationship of international brotherhood, Nepal could be land for gaining ideas.  The Culture & religion of Nepal play role of ideal teacher for the student of diplomatic study.  The Pilgrimage site Janakpur Dham of Nepal has proved it mythological way of relation between Nepal & India. As like as Nepal have ancient cultural relationship with Bhots (Tibet). The king of Bhot (Sharanchangampo) married to Bhirkuti (princess of Nepal) to set up deeply brotherhood between Nepal & Bhot (Tibet).

Such Interesting topics lure to the student of arts & culture studying. Nepal is miner of such ancient arts; culture, literature & religion so Nepal became the first destination for Educational tour. 

Simrik Real Nepal Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd has operated educational tour since established.  We would have organized educational tour according to the interesting of student & academic institution. Simrik Real Nepal Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd has determined its dignity to provide advance package in low prices in the comparison of other class tourist.

 Simrik Real Nepal Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd has emphasized to the following destination for Educational tours in Nepal. Instead of the following destination, student or academic institutions are free to choice any items of package from our website. 


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