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Kathmandu Sightseeing

The most popular trekking package in Nepal.

Kathmandu Valley tours also determine as Kathmandu Sightseeing. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal lies in the middle hilly region, 1350m above from the sea level. The Kathmandu City, where people having high ambitions come from different parts of the country in search of better opportunities, is greatly influenced by the modern technological advancement as many other cities of the country.The indigenous Newari people in Kathmandu regarded as the original inhabitations, but their origins has shrouded in mystery. Their dialect is tibeto-burmese, physical features distinctively mongoloid to indo-Aryan.  

The Kathmandu valley has long been a cultural & racial melting pot, with the people coming from all east, west, south & North. This fusion has resulted in the unique Newary culture that is responsible for the valley's superb art & architecture.  Many small state of Nepal was united in 1768 by Gorkha's king Prithivi Narayan shah signaled the end of the fragmentation. Many years later, in 1816 king closed the borders of Nepal & kept the country isolated until the mid 20th century. The bloody massacres of Kathmandu in 1846, 100 of most powerful men, held in the very public forum of Durbar square & end the power of king & installed the Rana regime in Nepal. 

Since the installed of Rana regime, Janga Bahadur could handle smoothly for years, after his death there were climax between them for the power of ruling, so they became weak, in 1950 King Tribhuwan & Democratic parties alliance formed against Rana regime in Nepal, & by the force of that Rana regime finished & era of democracy beginning in Nepal. Again, democracy was quite by late king Mahendras' anti democratic movement in 1960. After that movement, political parties had band in Nepal, although people had divided in different forum against Panchyat system. In 1990, Democratic Party (Nepali Congress) & communist parties formed alliance against the center monarchy system & forced to quite them from Nepal. By the people power late king, Birendra compelled to declare multiple party democracies in Nepal. In 2001 royal massacre, large number of royal family had killed with king Birendra, so his brother Gyanendra became king in Nepal. Then after slowly attract to the democratic system but Nepali people understood him & formed the political alliance against him & finished monarchism system forever from Nepal in 2008.  

Now a day there is new system in Nepal like in India. Dr Rambaran yadav is the first president of new Nepal.

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