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Destination Bhutan

The most popular trekking package in Tibet.

Kingdom of Bhutan is well-known for its, culture, architecture, archery, exotic land of high mountains lush valley & ecological pristine. The serene country, which is about half the size of Indiana, is cradled between its husky neighbors China to the north and India to the south. Its lands include subtropical savannahs to forests to the unforgiving Himalayas that guard the country’s eastern border. Its isolation, domestic policies and decision to limit tourism have helped to protect its culture and its natural beauty.  These are among the reasons it is referred to as the Last Shangri-la and the crown jewel of the Himalayas. On the other hand, the Bhutanese call their country Druk Yul, Land of the Thunder Dragon, because of the violent snow storms.

The country has three horizontal regions.  The southern layer is the most agricultural where farmers grow fruit, rice, spices, tea and tobacco.  The middle portion has thick forests and copper and coal mines.  Agriculture and timber make up about 60 percent of the country’s small and under-developed economy.  The northern part, which includes the Himalayas, is non-agricultural and, frankly, can be downright inhospitable.  

The landlocked country spans 18,147 square miles.  It is served by several small rivers that eventually empty into the Bay of Bengal.  

Large numbers of Bhutan’s population lives in the center valley.  Ngalongs, Sharchops and the Lhotshampas are main racial groups of people in Bhutan. The western & centeral regions of bhutan has dominated Ngalogs who were immigrant from Tibet in 9th century.  The eastern side of Bhutan is habitat of Sharchops, who are the considered as the original inhabitants of Bhutan. The southern part of Bhutan is habitat of Lhotshampas, who are the Nepalese racial groups of People in Bhutan.

Buckwheat, Rice & maize are the diet of Bhutanese. Main language of Bhutanese is Dzongkha. Large numbers of Bhutanese speaks Dzongkha.

Bhutanese traditional dress is “Gho” & “Kira”. Almost Bhutanese men wear the “Gho”, as well as women wear “Kira” Dha (archery) is Bhutanese national sport. Matches are used to organize regularly in the most of villages.

Politics, Economy and Religion
Politically, five generations of the Wangchuck family have ruled the country since 1907.  Every king has moved Bhutan a little farther out of the shadows.  Some examples include approval of a friendship agreement with India, the creation of a National Assembly for greater local representation in government, and the recent effort to move toward a constitutional monarchy. 

Although Bhutanese economics is not so high, but develop gradually. That is a directive of the monarchy. As the country’s leaders weave five-year economic development plans, they incorporate their desire to preserve and promote their culture.  Buddhism is the state religion of Bhutanese people.  75 % of total inhabitance has followed Buddhism in Bhutan, reaming percentage of inhabitance has believed in Hinduism.   Both religions in Bhutan have harmonized with each other religion so they became able to get government support equally.

Tshechus is the major religious festival of Bhutanese, celebrate for last three to five days, during festival period they have performed Music, Dance & enjoy drinking.

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